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First Dornbirn-GFC congress Asia to be held in March 2020

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Writer DYETEC HitHit 243 Date 20-01-22 18:10


Austrian Fibers Institute, Korean Textile Federation (KOFOTI) and Dyeing & Finishing Technology Institute (DYETEC), are cooperating for 1st Dornbirn-GFC Asia fiber innovation congress, which will be held at Samsung Creative Innovation Center in Daegu/South Korea from March 3-4, 2020. An agreement on this cooperation was signed on October 21, 2019 in Portugal.

Around 300 participants from the whole textile chain are expected to join this event. This special event should improve the network activities with Asian companies.

The Dornbirn-GFC takes place in Dornbirn/Austria every year in September. Over 700 international participants from more than 35 nations make use of the Fiber Innovation Congress in Dornbirn as a networking platform and to be informed on the latest innovations of the global fiber and textile industry. 

As a federation, KOFOTI will be covering the whole textile chain, as it has strong links to China, Japan, Taiwan and other South Eastern Asian countries. KOFOTI will also be organizing the trade fair Preview in Daegu (PiD), which will run at the same time in Daegu. This will lead to a strong synergy as the trade fair gets around 500 exhibitors and approximately 25,000 participants.

The program will be similar to Dornbirn-GFC congress in Austria. Plenary speakers will open the Dornbirn-GFC Asia congress on March 3, 2020. Around 40 expert lectures will concentrate on March 3-4 on key topics like fiber innovations, nonwovens and technical textiles, mobility, smart fabrics, sustainability and circular economy.

From European side, renowned university professors and Lenzing AG CEO, owners of top companies from the fiber and textile industry, have already confirmed their participation.

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