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[DAY 1] March 30(Thur)

  • Keynote speech

    11:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Harold Weghorst

      team/Classes Lenzing AG / Global Vice President

      subject Keynote speaker

    • name Friedrich Weninger

      team/Classes Österreichisches Faserinstitut / CEO

      subject Keynote speaker

    • name Hiroya Kagiyama

      team/Classes JCFA / Manager

      subject Recent sustainability activities of the Japanese chemical fiber industry

    • name Van Houte Frédéric

      team/Classes CIRFS: European Man-made Fibres Association / President

      subject The European MMF Industry: Towards a Sustainability Society

    • name Jason Chen

      team/Classes Singtex / CEO

      subject The Execution of Singtex Group Textile Substainability

  • Fiber Innovation

    13:40-15:00 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Oliver Syed Shafaat

      team/Classes Sci-Lume Labs, Inc. / President

      subject Bylon™—a truly circular, thermoplastic fiber for use in apparel and beyond

    • name Minsung Lee

      team/Classes Huvis / Team Leader

      subject White paper on ; Huvis Eco-friendly Polyester (Action Plan for Carbon Neutrality)

    • name Kihyun Park

      team/Classes KOLON INDUSTRIES / Lab leader

      subject KOLON Green Technology, Sustainable Polymer Economy

    • name Deokyun Kim

      team/Classes Samyang / Senior Researcher

      subject Engineering Plastic-Based Thermoplastic Composites

  • Functional Textiles(1) & Fashion

    15:00-16:40 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Joric Marduel

      team/Classes Fibroline(france) / CTO

      subject Innovative technologies for powder impregnation of technical textiles

    • name Kasper Nossent

      team/Classes Dyecoo General / Manager

      subject Water Free and Chemical Free Dyeing of Polyester in Super Critical CO2

    • name Jungho Lee

      team/Classes K2 KOREA / General Manager

      subject K2korea Project for the future

    • name Lio Chang

      team/Classes GFUN Industrial CO., LTD R&D / Vice President

      subject Sustainable Technology for WP/MVTR Outdoor fabric Manufacturing

  • Industrial Textiles

    17:00-18:00 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Sungbok Kwak

      team/Classes Duckyang lnd. Co,. Ltd. / Director

      subject Environmentally Friendly Material and Lightweight Trend of Automotive Interior Parts

    • name Kihyuk Kim

      team/Classes WINTEX / Lab leader

      subject Innovation activities of companies for fiber technology development

    • name Chan Kim

      team/Classes AMOGREENTECH / Lab leader

      subject Recent Advances in Applications of Functional Nat

[DAY 2] March 31(Fri)

  • Functional Textiles(2)

    10:00-11:20 a.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Changkyu Park

      team/Classes Konkuk University / Professor

      subject Strategy for digital transformation in the textile and fashion industry

    • name Seokhan Yoon

      team/Classes Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology / PD

      subject Korean R&D Strategy and Trend in Textile Industry

    • name WanGyu Hahm

      team/Classes Korea Institute of Industrial Technology / Lead Researcher

      subject Control of Structure and Properties of Novel High-performance PET Fibers

    • name Taehwan Oh

      team/Classes Yeungnam University / Professor

      subject Research and Development of Low creep UHMWPE Fibers

  • Textile Fashion TechForum

    10:40-11:20 a.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Junsik Son

      team/Classes Korea Textile Development Institute / Division Director

      subject Development of fiber-based medical convergence materials

    • name Yeongog Choi

      team/Classes Korea Institute of Industrial Technology / Group Director

      subject Nonwoven-based filtration technology for the removal of hazardous substances

  • Sustainability & Circular Economy

    11:40 a.m. -13:00 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Wolfgang Hermann

      team/Classes Erema Group GmbH / CEO

      subject PET Fibre to Fibre Recycling Technology "FibReC" EREMA Fibre Recycling Center 2023

    • name Hyunwon Lee

      team/Classes Aztechwb / Lab leader

      subject Sustainability of wool textiles for circular economy

    • name Joonseok Koh

      team/Classes Konkuk university / Professor

      subject Sustainable Natural Dyeing and Functionalization of Cotton Fabrics Using Agro-Waste Extracts and Chitosan Biomordant

    • name niklas moehlnann

      team/Classes Gneuss Kunstrofftechnik / Manager

      subject PET Fibres and the Circular Economy: Recycling Technology

  • Textile Fashion TechForum(1)

    11:40 a.m. -13:00 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Eunyoung Park

      team/Classes Korea institute of footwear & leather technology / Lead Researcher

      subject Development of Eco-Friendly Technology for Diving Suit Materials

    • name Jinpyo Hong

      team/Classes Korea dyeing & finishing technology institute / Head of Center

      subject Digital Textile Printing R&D Progress of DYETEC Institute

    • name YongIl Chung

      team/Classes Korea Textile Machinery Convergence Research institute / Head of Center

      subject Current status of support for industrialization of eco-friendly low carbon materials and parts using cellulose nanofibers

    • name Yongwan Park

      team/Classes Korea Institue of Convergence Textile / Division Director

      subject Preparation and Applications of Porous materials

  • Functional Textiles(3)

    14:00-16:00 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Christian Kim

      team/Classes adobe korea / Director

      subject New 3D tech environment in Fashion Industry and emergence of new values

    • name Kwangil Kim

      team/Classes CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. / Vice-President

      subject Digital (3D) Transformation in the Textile Fashion Industry Present and Future

    • name Jongsik Jeong

      team/Classes Panax Color / Director

      subject Development of high visibility fluorescent colorant and products using them

    • name Sanghyun Choi

      team/Classes Softronlcs / CEO

      subject The status and the future of ICT-Textile convergence technology

    • name Sungchul Kim

      team/Classes Komemtec / CEO

      subject Development of PTFE membrane film making technology for ULPA filter and development of thermal lamination technology using Barrier Discharge Technology

    • name Thomas Gries

      team/Classes RWTH Aachen ITA / President

      subject The age of transformation - a perspective for the Asian Chemial Fibre Industry

  • Textile Fashion TechForum(2)

    14:00-15:40 p.m. (KST/UTC+9)

    • name Sangyoun Oh


      subject Development of core components and products for reducing harmful factors of indoor air in industrial and living environment

    • name Youngmin Jun

      team/Classes Kortiti testing & research lnstitute / Team Leader

      subject Devolopment of standard test method for smart textiles

    • name Youkyum Kim

      team/Classes Fiti testing & research lnstitute / Division Director

      subject 지속 가능한 섬유패션 제품 생산을 위한 전 주기 관리

    • name Eunho Shin

      team/Classes Korea apparel testing & research institute / Division Director

      subject Introduction of test and certification big data platform developing project

    • name Keehoon Min

      team/Classes Seowontech / CEO

      subject Developement of Eco-friendly & Sustainable materials

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